Frontieri is contracted by the World Bank Group for implementation of the assignment titled: “Rural Safety Net National Spot Check”. The primary objective of the assignment is to provide regular and timely external feedback to the Government of Ethiopia and stakeholders of the rural safety net on the extent to which program implementation is in compliance with agreed procedures in all eight regions that PSNP is operating.

The purpose of the National Spot Checks is not to evaluate the impact of the program or changes over time by revisiting the same sample woredas. It is rather to track and asses regional trends on program implementation. Above all, the National Spot Checks is expected to measure and assess to what extent implementation at the local level comply with guidelines (principles, procedures and processes) established in program documents including the PIM using a rigorous technical approach and methodology consisting of a triangulation of different types of tools with a focus on collecting factual evidence rather than perceptions and opinions. The data and information collected through the National Spot Checks will be used by the Government to develop mitigating actions, target capacity building support and make any necessary adjustments to program design.

After careful recruitment of the enumerators, supervisors and field coordinators twenty one trainees are taking part in a seven days training session. The training will cover various modules including: overview of the PSNP-4 Program, overview of the Program Implementation Manual and other key program documents, major principles in each thematic area, overview of the various formats and tools such as PASS, ESMF, CMPM, etc., data collection tools and checklists, ethical procedures, and CAPI training. Moreover, group exercises and mock interviews will be part of the training to enhance more understanding of the field staffs on the data collection tools. The training is expected to equip the field staffs with the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct the spot checks data collection with utmost quality.