Fronteiri won the Horn of Africa Environmental Sustainability and Resilience (HoA-ESR) Project. The project titled “A Baseline Study of Selected Socio-ecological Landscapes in the Horn of Africa Region” is awarded to Fronteiri to specifically deliver the assignment of conducting a baseline study on selected socio-ecological landscapes in the Horn of Africa.


The project will be implemented across trans-boundary landscapes and biodiversity hotspots in the selected countries of the Horn region and for supporting countries with their commitments to reduce pressures on biodiversity loss and environmental degradation. It is also implemented with an objective of promoting research to inform better policy formulation and sustainable land management practices and support restoration of the quality of ecosystem services.


The selected intervention landscapes for this specific project are those that are environmentally troubled, with high economic potential for social transformation and strategically important to improving regional environmental governance, enhance regional cooperation and promoting peace building in the region. More specifically, the project will be implemented in the following three landscape interventions:


  1. Landscape Intervention 1: SouthwestRift Valley Socio-ecological Trans-boundary Landscape (SWSEL) that encompasses Ethiopia, Kenya and South Sudan. In Ethiopia, this landscape covers Gambella, Omo and Mago National Parks; in South Sudan–Badingilo and Boma National Parks and Loelle Proposed Game Reserve; while in Kenya the landscape covers Lake Turkana National Parks which is a group of three national parks located around Lake Turkana, UNECSO World Heritage site and Sibloi National Park and hotspots in the rift valley.
  2. Landscape Intervention 2: Lake Abbe and Lake Assal-Dafo (LALA) Trans-boundary Landscape/ Seascape connects Ethiopia with Djibouti. It is an important freshwater ecosystem with high biodiversity which has regional and global importance.
  3. Landscape Intervention 3: Kafta-Shiraro and Gash-Setit (KS-GS) Trans-boundary social ecological landscape which is situated in the far North of Ethiopia and connects Ethiopia with Eritrea. It was originally established as a wildlife reserve and upgraded to national park in 2007.


The project is a multi-country ecosystem and presents an important dimension in biodiversity conservation and protection. Winning this project is a historic achievement for Frontieri for expanding its professional service to a new geographical outreach. The project is funded by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) through Addis Ababa University- Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre and Network (AAU-HoA-REC&N).


Horn of Africa Environmental Sustainability and Resilience (HoA-ESR) is HoA-REC & N’s second largest regional project that integrates five countries of the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, Eritrea, and Djibouti).