A Validation Workshop for case studies of the programme “Stemming Irregular Migration in Northern and Central Ethiopia (SINCE)’ was held on February 18, 2020 at Jupiter International Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The workshop aimed to substantiate the findings of the case studies of SINCE programme funded by European Commission. The work on the Case studies on SINCE Project is granted by the Italian Embassy in Ethiopia and was conducted by a joint work between CADENA, Netherland based research, training and consultancy firm And Frontieri Consult. The Programme SINCE has specific focus on four common strategic topics: Public Private Partnerships (PPP), Public Employment Services (PES), Decent Work, and Apprenticeship schemes.


More than 40 participants from designated representatives of implementing partners in the different lots of the programme and from organizations like ILO, European Union, UNIDO, AICS, MoLSA, and TVET Agency took part in the validation workshop. Dr. Paulos Asrat, one of Frontieri lead researchers presented the process and findings on the case studies. Presentation of the findings in relation to the four thematic topics were followed by verification of the findings through group discussions by participants. The four case studies are expected to cover each of the four pre-identified strategic topics. In doing so, the case studies will systematize what is achieved by the different SINCE grant beneficiaries, with particular focus on the lessons learnt and draw recommendations on policy development and future interventions.


The workshop was a success as participants endorsed all presented findings with additional inputs. As always, Frontieri is proud for serving in such highly impactful projects. Quality-driven and innovative strategies for informed decisions continues to be Frontieri’s unique strength, as Frontieri Consult remains to be the first inline of choice for collaboration with many national and international organizations.





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