At Frontieri, we know how important it is to provide our staff with time for presenting their insights and share their findings and experiences. Which is why our Coffee & Paper sessions have been launched with an objective of initiating in-house paper presentation culture, creating an interactive scientific platform, promoting exchange of ideas and receiving feedbacks, and acquiring new learning from the research.

The first episode of the Coffee and Paper session was launched by a paper presentation by Professor Nigatu Regassa, Team Leader-Health, Water and Sanitation. His presentation titled “Changes in inequalities in key maternal and child health interventions, and factors contributing to health seeking behaviors in Ethiopia” caught the attention of Frontieri experts that sparked discussion in the area of maternal and child health in Ethiopia.

The second episode of the Coffee and Paper session hosted the presentation of Dr. Sindu Kebede, Managing Partner of Frontieri, Germany office. Her presentation titled “Experience of shocks and expectation formation –Evidence from smallholder farmers in Kenya”, was followed by passionate discussion on the subjective and objective concept of shocks and their coping strategies by Frontieri experts.

The Coffee and Paper sessions run once in a month with an interactive and informative learning experiences and presented in-house at Frontieri meeting hall. This provides the institution an opportunity to deliver Frontieri staff with targeted and convenient discussion platform. In addition, each session has its unique learning outcomes and provide our team with key takeaways, awareness for issues at hand, discussion points and new findings for actions which can directly or indirectly be implemented to improve the way we work.

Our Coffee & Paper sessions are tailored to suit our journey of ensuring the best possible return in our journey of becoming a trust worthy adviser to decision makers.


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