Frontieri won projects that takes its research and evaluation work to the next level. In the mid of December, 2019, Frontieri succeeded in winning two prominent projects from world’s leading development partners, the World Bank and UNDP.  

‘Ethiopia Trade Logistics Baselines Collection’ is a project of the World Bank group which Frontieri will mainly be responsible for assessing and evaluating the duration of imports and exports and the various institutions which play key roles in facilitating the course of trade   in Ethiopia.

The project is designed for supporting the country in modernizing the customs risk management (RM), establishing streamlined transit and border crossing procedures; implementing national electronic Single Window (eSW), supporting post release audit capacity; and implementing selected WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) Articles.

‘Conducting National Corruption Perception Survey for Ethiopia’ is a project of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) which Frontieri has secured to deliver the assignment. The project that aims to undertake survey on perception of corruption at the national level. The data generated from the survey will provide a baseline information for measuring the progress of anti-corruption efforts in Ethiopia and it is also expected to inform Federal ethics and anti-corruption commission (FEACC) for future programming of key anti-corruption initiatives. The survey encompasses both pilot survey and main survey. During the pilot survey pre-testing and large-scale piloting will be conducted, during which the methodological approach of the main survey will be defined and further elaborated. The main survey will be conducted using a nation-wide sample.

As always, Frontieri is proud to take part in such high caliber development projects. Quality driven and innovative way of delivering projects continues to be our unique strength as we remain to be the first inline of choice for many national and international organizations.


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