Contribution handover ceremony at the Ministry of peace – On the left-Ambassador Misganaw Arega (Chair of national resource mobilization committee) on the right -Mr Alene Matsentu- (Survey Management and Data Analytics Division Director at Frontieri )

Ambassador Misganaw Arega passing his gratefulness message for the contribution made

What we did

COVID-19 is transforming the way billions of people live, work, trade, and relate to one another, and the changes seem to happen within minutes by minutes. This global pandemic without border has motivated fear globally as well as in Ethiopia. However, in the middle of fear and also as its response to COVID-19, Frontieri with its staff members responded generously to demonstrate empathy to the community in need. The institution has managed to contribute 150,000 (one hundred Fifty Thousand) Birr to the National #COVID19 Resource Mobilization.  

Why are we doing this?  

Frontieri Consult is committed to translating its Corporate Social Responsibility into action. In the face of the current global Pandemic, COVID-19, it is clear that all hands must come together to minimize the negative effect. For this, family of Frontieri has contributed its share to the national COVID19 Resource Mobilization initiative. By this gesture, staff members of our institution are offering their heart and hand to the people in-need. Moreover, As a research and advisory institution, we are currently undertaking scientific research in Ethiopia on understanding how awareness, knowledge and behavior of society is evolving in the face of this global pandemic. Results from this study will be made publicly available as quickly as possible to inform society in general and decision makers in particular. At Frontieri, we always find a way to give back to society!

Mr Alene during media briefing about the measures taken by Frontieri  

Measures in support of the health of our employees

Frontieri is ensuring that all employees stay safe and healthy during this time.  Those employees which their work does not require attendance in the office has been given all the relevant protective and working materials to work from home, and for those who work in the office, follow strict hygiene, social distancing guidelines with safe office set up and also are receiving support to do their jobs safely.

“In this challenging time, Frontieri have been functioning effectively to safeguard the health and safety of its employees, we are doing everything to remain a trust worthy and quality driven advisor to our clients and also through our corporate social responsibility, we are offering our support through the national resource mobilization scheme to the most vulnerable communities impacted by the pandemic. Our thoughts are with those affected by Covid-19 and the health professionals working diligently in taking care of them.” Tesemash Tefera- Human Resource and Admin Director

Frontieri aligns fulfilling its corporate social responsibility with institutional objective, and there will not be a better time to affirm its commitment in support of the community by responding undoubtedly during this challenging time.

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