Frontieri is commissioned by the international finance corporation (IFC –The World Bank group) to plan and conduct a baseline survey and study that enables to gather the necessary quantitative and qualitative data required to define the impact of participation in malt barley supply chain using a quasi-experimental design. The project is aimed to increase local supply of malt barely; reduce foreign exchange spending for importing; enhance the lives of producers through increased production, productivity and better/guaranteed price; and secure a competitively priced local source of malt barley for breweries.

To achieve the objective of the assignment, Frontieri provided five days training for field staffs who are going to take part in the baseline data collection in Amhara and Oromia regional states. The training is provided as per the Field Staff Training Manual prepared to guide the assignment. The training has covered basic contents from the manual, more specifically objectives, scope of the base line survey, survey protocol and on the different survey tools to be applied for the study.

Moreover, practical exercise was piloted to heighten further understanding of the field staffs on the survey tools and ethical considerations. The trainees have acquired full information about the overall assignment and significantly familiarized themselves with the survey tools. At the end of the training, every trainee is equipped with the necessary knowledge, and skills to conduct the survey in the utmost quality and purpose.

As we remain to be the first inline of choice for collaboration by many of national and international organizations, we take pride of being a leading institution in survey and data analytics in Ethiopia with our up-to-date state of the art data collection and processing tools for quality output.

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