Samer Hachem
IDEV Division Manager, African Development Bank

I confirm that the consultant has provided all contracted services to our full satisfaction.

Pascal Joannes
Deputy Country Director UNFP

BDS-CDR has successfully carried out the survey as per the United Nations WorldFood programme (UNFP) quality standards.

Jane Bevan
Rural wash manager/UNICEF-Ethiopia

UNICEF believes that BDS-CDR has a well-organized management structure, office setup with permanent professional and support staff and reliable financial management system and acceptable accountability.

Adamou Labara
Country Manager IFC Horn of Africa

BDS-Center for Developmental Research has successfully conducted a baseline assessment as a major component of this out-grower project. We found the consultancy firm to provide a dependable and professional service and hereby acknowledge the firm was able to complete and submit all the deliverables with the required quality.

Solomon Shiferaw Bogale,
Director, EMIS, Planning and Resource Mobilization Directorate Ministry of Education

We recommend BDS-CDR, without any reservation, to any organization looking for consultation ser-vices in the area of education. We will be happy to provide any further information about the Performance of BDS-CDR, if requested.

Sibeso luswata
Chief Education / UNICEF-Ethiopia

BDS-Center for Developmental Research was found to be dependable and professional

Dr. Alemayehu Seyoum
Senior Research Fellow IFPRI
BDS has the experience. Facility and capable personnel in research and consultancy area who are enthusiastic about their clients· diverse interests. Hence. The firm is in our list of highly regarded Ethiopian origin companies we are comfortable to work with.
Ashenafi Alemayehu Dejene
Procurement & property Administration Directorate Director

We hereby acknowledge that BDS-CDR has completed the project and submitted all the deliverables to the utmost standard of our organization and therefore we are pleased to have had the opportunity to work with BDS-CDR.