Our highly experienced full time experts in the different fields of development are our main strength in delivering outputs with excellence. We are proud to be a professionally diverse organization with one similar goal – Backing our clients informed decision.

Managing Partners

Belaineh Legesse (PhD)

Managing Partner, Ethiopia

Sindu W.Kebede (PhD)

Managing Partner, Germany

Research & Evaluation

Lamessa Tariku (PhD)

Senior Research Officer

Mengistu Buta

Qualitative Researcher

Negussie Shiferaw

Senior Researcher Officer

Paulos Asrat (PhD)

Team Leader, Social Protection Unit

Professor Nigatu Regassa

Team leader - Health and water sanitation

Samuel G/Selassie (PhD)

Senior Research Fellow

Teketel Abebe (PhD)

Senior Research Fellow

Tinsaye Tamerat (PhD)

Senior Research Officer

Survey Management & Data Analytics

Abrham Haile

Survey Manager

Alene Matsentu

Director, Survey Management & Data Analytics Division

Alene pursued his post graduate study in Counseling Psychology and is Harvard University certified on Project Management and Change Leadership. He has 13 years of experience in conducting large scale projects.

Ameha Ademe

Associate Data Quality Analyst

Bemnet Weldu

Survey Manager

Daniel Aklilu

Senior Data Quality Analyst

Business Development

Abinet Endashaw

Business Partnership Officer

Bersabeh Hailu

Business Partnership Officer

Makeda Getahun

Business Partnership Manager

Teshale Nega

Director, Business Development Division