1. Dr Sentayehu Assefa

Senior Medical Doctor, Germany

Dr. Sentayehu Assefa is specialist of Medical Microbiology and Infection Epidemiology, Internal Medicine/Gastroenterology. He studied medicine at the University Hospital Jena, Germany. He has many years of practical experience in his field at the University Hospital Jena, Germany. He also worked as a consultant in internal medicine-gastroenterology in North East Lincolnshire and in London, UK. Currently, Dr. Sentayehu is Chief Physician of Internal Medicine at a Helios Hospital, Thuringia Germany.

  1. Dr Belaineh Legesse 

Agricultural Economist, Managing partner, Frontieri, Ethiopia

Dr Belaineh Legesse is Agricultural economist with more than 30 years of professional experience and published more than 30 publications on peer-reviewed scientific journals. He has extensive research and practical working experience in agricultural assessment, rural development, food security, natural resources and environmental management, program/project development (feasibility studies), strategic planning and policy analysis. Currently, he is leading FRONTIERi Project on “Preliminary Assessment of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ethiopia”.

  1. Dr Sindu Kebede

Development economist, Managing partner, Frontieri, Germany

Dr. Sindu W. Kebede is a development economist with research interests focusing on poverty, food security, decision making under risk and uncertainty, migration and economic empowerment as well as inter-linkages between conflict, fragility and poverty. She completed her PhD at Humboldt University of Berlin, where she also worked as a post-doctoral researcher. She has ample international research experience including her work at International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Humboldt University of Berlin, and German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) with a wide regional coverage in East Africa including Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda. Sindu is Managing Partner of FRONTIERi Consult GmbH, branch office of Frontieri based in Berlin, Germany. Currently, she is leading FRONTIERi Project on “Preliminary Assessment of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ethiopia”.

  1. Dr Nega Assefa

Associate Professor of Reproductive Health, Maternal and Child Health, College of Health and Medical Sciences

Dr Nega is a public health expert in reproductive health and maternal and child health. Currently, he is co-leading the Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance (CHAMPS) Ethiopia He is also associated with Addis Continental Institute of Public Health (ACIPH), Ethiopia, in the area of research and graduate teaching; Harvard Chan School of Public Health in the area of adolescent health through the ARISE Network, maternal and child health, and nutrition research. The CHAMPS laboratory located at Haramaya University is the Largest COVID testing center in Eastern Ethiopia.