A Validation Workshop on Ethiopian Third National Corruption Perception Survey was held at the Sheraton Addis, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 19 July 2021. The study was conducted by Frontieri Consult, owned by The Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission in conjunction with United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The workshop was attended by members of the parliament including the Deputy Speaker of Ethiopia’s House of Peoples Representatives, her excellency Shitaye Minale, higher government officials, higher university officials, top officials from Civic Association and Media Institutions and representatives from United Nations Development Program.

According to the deputy Commissioner of The Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, his excellency Wodo Atto, the third national level corruption perception survey is extremely helpful in demonstrating the perceived levels of corruption in Ethiopia showing its deep-rooted hitches and disposition. The draft policy and strategy after reinforced by relevant inputs will be executed ensuing being showed and endorsed by the Ethiopian House of Peoples’ Representatives.

The Tam Leader of the survey, Professor Habtamu Wendimu said government should take the biggest role with full commitment to reduce corruption by providing clear strategic direction and rigorous law implementation in collaboration with stakeholders and the general public. He also stated, “we did a survey involving 6,627 persons to fill out questionnaire from different sectors, which are divided into 7 groupings as households, government offices, private offices, NGOs, professional associations, religious organizations and media.”

Frontieri believes the government will be able to pursue scientifically recommended directions from the survey outputs and design effective anti-corruption strategies which are indispensable to curb corruption in Ethiopia.

Exclusive interview with Mr. Tewolde Birhanu, Monitoring and Evaluation Expert at the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) during the Validation Workshop on Ethiopian Third National Corruption Perception Survey.

In his interview, Mr. Tewolde underscored and appreciated Frontieri’s flexibility and commitment in the course of the data collection process to smooth the progress of the project activities aligning itself with the unprecedented COVID -19 outbreak by initiating hybrid approach as data collection methodology. He also valued the overall progression undergone all through the project period by having consistent meetings with Frontieri technical team.

Moreover, Mr. Tewolde held in high regard Fronieri’s fortitude of accepting inputs and implementing by conducting successive meetings with the client within short period of time. Mr. Tewolde also highly admired the presentation, the team spirit and collaboration as observed by UNDP and himself. He additionally pointed out that that sample selection, field data management, the training and deployment of data collectors and the quality assurance show the credibility of the finding. He finally highly rated the Frontieri’s referring as a firm full of professionals and good management that are well mannered, highly committed, open and flexible, that are able to deliver an assignment even under burdensome situation.