Country: Ethiopia
Location within country: Addis Ababa, Oromia and Amara Region
Client: Embassy of Italy, Ethiopia
Date of project: September 23, 2019- December 13, 2020
Contract value: 48, 875 EUR

SINCE programmes are tailor made to meet the needs of youth, women and other vulnerable groups who face additional barriers preventing them to access economic opportunities and financial services. The programme has a specific focus on four common strategic topics namely: Public Private Partnerships (PPPs); Public Employment Services (PES); Decent Work; Apprenticeship.
The purpose of this contract was the production of four case study reports (one for each of the four pre-identified strategic topics). The aim of these case studies was twofold: a) the case studies systematized what is achieved by the different SINCE grant beneficiaries, with particular focus on the lessons learnt;
(b) the case study reports draw good practice to be disseminated and recommendation on policy development and future interventions.
This project was implemented in joint venture with Cadena international development projects.