• The Best Consulting Companies in Ethiopia

    Readying Ethiopia for a home schooling

  • The Best Consulting Companies in Ethiopia

    One Health Perspective: Food As A Connection Among Environmental Wellbeing, Animal Welfare, And Human Health

  • The Best Consulting Companies in Ethiopia

    Stagflation and the Ethiopian Economy

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The Causes and Dangers of Water Hyacinth and Sustainable Ways of Controlling the Weed

Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes), which is locally known as ’Emboch’ in Ethiopia, is a perennial, herbaceous, free floating aquatic plant. It is an invasive weed of waters that doubles itself within 5–15 days (Villamagna and Murphy, 2010).

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 Frontieri Consult Frontieri Consult

The Concepts of Food Security, Food Sovereignty, and the right to Food

The notion of food security seeks to address the issue of food and hunger through sufficient production of food at individual, family, or country level. Countries can attain food security when they are able to support their agriculture and produce food to guarantee the right to food of their populations within their terrain.

Proactive Measures to Tackle the Conflict Triggered Educational Crisis in Northern Ethiopia

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Stagflation and the Ethiopian Economy
Stagflation and the Ethiopian Economy...
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Frontieri was found to be dependable and professional. I hereby acknowledge that they have completed the assignment and submitted all deliverables with high quality.


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UNICEF believes that BDS-CDR has a well-organized management structure, office setup with permanent professional and support staff and reliable financial management system and acceptable accountability. leo.


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Solomon Shiferaw Bogale,

We recommend BDS-CDR, without any reservation, to any organization looking for consultation ser-vices in the area of education. We will be happy to provide any further information about the Performance of BDS-CDR, if requested.


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