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Policy Brief
One Health Perspective: Food as a Connection among Environmental Wellbeing, Animal Welfare, and Human Health
One Health is the ideology that human, animal, and environmental health are all interconnected. It entails...
School Survey on The General Education Sector
Ethiopia has made a remarkable progress in the education sector in the past three decades where net enrolment...
strengthening formal social protection financing system in ethiopia
Ethiopia has been challenged with so many man-made and natural problems. These problems drag the country...
The Causes and Dangers of Water Hyacinth / "Emboch" and Sustainable Ways of Controlling the Weed
Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes), which is locally known as ’Emboch’ in Ethiopia, is a perennial,...
The Concepts of Food Security Food Sovereignty and the Right to Food
The notion of food security seeks to address the issue of food and hunger through sufficient...
Qualities of educational management information system (EMIS)
The major purpose of the study was to assess quality of EMIS data collection processes and outputs and...
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