Education & Youth Development


Improving Educational Program Development and Implementation
Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness of Education Systems
Enhancing Human and Institutional Capacity of Educational Institutions
Technical Support on Early-childhood, Primary, Secondary, Non-formal Adult, TVET, and Higher Education
Policy and Program Development; Program Monitoring and Evaluation; Curriculum and Textbook Development; School Improvement; Teacher Education, and Learning Assessment
Gender responsive education, out of school children, and education of children with special educational needs,
Developing Training Modules and Data Collection Tools Based on Clients’ Request

Our Recent Project

Diagnostic of Inclusive Education Resource Center Pilots in Ethiopia

General Education Quality Improvement Program II (GEQIP II ) Comprehensive Evaluation (Exit Evaluation)

National Education Facility Survey

The Development of Content Specific and Pedagogical Standards for Subject Teachers

Teacher Demand and Supply Gap in Ethiopia: Scope, Factors and Possible Remedies

Qualitative research on employment of rural migrants in urban areas in Ethiopia for The World Bank Group;

Qualitative Research Study on Rural Youth Employment in Ethiopia

School Improvement and School Grants Program Evaluation

Formative Evaluation of the Implementation of Primary and Secondary School Curricula in Ethiopia

Assessment of current and future soft skills desired by the private sector from TVET and Higher Education graduates and current gaps observed in TVET & higher education graduates on terms of their mastery of those skills

Provision of Project Cycle Management Training

Strategic planning and Management (SPM)

Provision of Training of Trainer on Supply Chain

Our Ongoing Projects

Global Education policy Dashboard: Data Collection in Ethiopia

Survey and Analysis of the Existing Situation of the General Education Sector in terms of Students Learning Outcome and Enrolments

Conduct a Woreda-Based School Assessment

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Frontieri will provide rigorous policy-oriented research on issues related to agricultural growth and productivity, rural development, climate change and its vagaries. In real terms it serves as an interface between the expertise and knowledge available at our firm on the one hand and the development needs of the development practitioners and the rural
people on the other.


Currently Frontieri operating in 3 different countries


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