Our Services

Our Services

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On-site Guarding

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Mobile Guarding

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Remote Guarding

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Capacity Building

Frontier i consult understands that one of your challenges working in a developing economy like Ethiopia is shortage of skilled workforce, which can be developed through training. Hence, we are determined to expand our well-established foundation in the area and excel in research and consultancy services in training and capacity building.You can rely on our training services because we are equipped with more than ten years of experience in providing various forms of training and worked with highly educated and widely experienced experts and partner firms. From the long list of our experience below, you get the impression that our services are unsurpassed by any other firm in the country that we are able to work with governmental, nongovernmental, bilateral and multilateral organizations that do not compromise quality:

Policy Formulation and Analysis

Our research and consultancy services are vastly trustworthy and we are deeply involved with governmental, nongovernmental, bilateral, and multilateral organizations, so much so that they trust us to carry out public policy formulation and analysis which are highly sensitive and require painstaking effort. Thanks to our highly educated and well-experienced experts and partners, we have always been providing unmatched policy formulation and analysis services in various fields of study. Among the projects we undertook, the following could give you a picture of our mastery:

Program and Project Baseline Assessment

With the widespread implementation capacity problems not only in Ethiopia but also across the continent, monitoring and evaluation happen to be one of the key areas in undertaking any project in Africa. Frontier i consult helped governmental, nongovernmental, bilateral and multilateral organizations appropriately put their projects and policies into practice through its meticulous monitoring and evaluation services. Going through the list of projects we carried out over the years, you could get an impression of our unsurpassed services, which are results of the profound devotion and seamless intellect of our experts and partners.

Security Cameras

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Intercom Systems

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Locksmith Services

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Private Security Training

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Role of a Security Guard

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Crowd Control

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Powers of Arrest

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Patrol Techniques

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Use of Force

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First Aid

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